Since 24th February, asking myself what I can do, what we all can do more… so I started a discussion thread on Travel Massive and joined forces with Vicky Smith and further colleagues and friends of the European Ecotourism Network – to research and collect resources how the tourism industry can help Ukraine 💛 💙 – and everyone in travel who is affected. After all, travel is about people, cultures, peace and freedom. And tech is again a great accelerator for the 🌍 to work together.

Personally, I am offering a free guest room in my home to a tourism or any other Ukraine student in need. Maybe there are more of us with a similar wish. So far we have found these platforms / initiatives to join & support, and in travel, we are sure there is more.

“Peace works better than conflict, and one of the best manifestations of it is in travel and tourism.” (Bill Clinton at the WTTC Global Summit in Abu Dhabi, 2013)

 European Ecotourism Network #StandwithUkraine (published on social media 4th March 2022)

The European Ecotourism Network is devastated to witness the invasion of our friends’, neighbours’ and colleagues’ country of Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the people.

A decade ago in 2012, the European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of over 60 years of peace, reconciliation and democracy in Europe, a wonderfully complex mix of dynamic countries with much-loved diverse historic cultures.

At the European Ecotourism Network we unite with a common purpose and vision of enjoyment and benefits of a sustainable world, through thriving nature and culture with positive impact on local communities. We know peace is a prerequisite to the triple bottom line of society, environment and economy. Conflict, destroying people, planet and profit, will never be sustainable.

In ecotourism throughout Europe, effects will be felt but we will continue to bring together people on a human basis of common values and ethics. Only ceasefire and peace will enable sustainability.

As a network representing and supporting rural communities throughout European countries, many of our members are involved in helping initiatives to support the Ukrainian people.

Please find below a list of resources compiled by our members, with members of Travel Massive, to help Ukraine.

Please note this list is not exhaustive and does not constitute or imply our endorsement or due diligence of these initiatives. If you’d like to make further suggestions to add to the list below, please let us know.

We invite you to join, support, share and suggest further:

Please all sign this petition for Making Tourism a Force for Peace

In Ukraine:

Travel Organisations helping Ukrainian Refugees:


Belgium and Netherlands:

  • #Plekvrij (“Space available”): Search social media. Local people can sign up (e.g. on the website of their hometown) this is coordinated in the entire country.






  • The Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro has opened an official account for donations
    from Montenegro. The account number is 530-32387-46, NLB Bank.



  • Aggregator aiming to facilitate a rapid response to all the needs of refugees and border volunteers:



Rest of World:

Thank you.

Photo by Olga Subach on Unsplash