This is what happens when a ready-to-run event must get reorganized to take place online. Thank you, Harold Goodwin for the encouragement and engagement – and thank you Vicky Smith for all the work that it took together! 218 happy registrations from 40 countries were worth it.

TTT23 in numbers:
22 hours of tech testing
9 pages of running order by the minute
7 speakers
1 last minute on video
6 interpreters
4 languages
24 openings & closing of recording in tests
7 tickets to Zoom
855 emails
3 kilos less without dieting
2 bored dogs
63 hours sleep deprivation
21 letters – incl. 4 to the President’s office – Jakov Milatovic – and then, Prime Minister Spajić
38 liters coffee (tea at Vicky Smith‘s)
218 registrations from 40 countries
27 pages of (really great!) chat
25 (hilarious!) outtakes
2 uncleaned home offices in Šavnik & London over
4 weeks
4 days without internet
4 nights growing panic
10 calls in vain to Telekom support
67 Google meetings … but as we are here for qualityoverquantity … wait for the feedback 💚, the recordings and the post-event publication.