In a keynote about how to manage a sustainable destination and its stakeholders, my final tips for a more responsible and sustainable future for destinations were

  1. Involve the local community in planning and decision-making processes 🗣️
  2. Understand tourism as a system which is not separated from people’s everyday quality of life 👀
  3. Work together across sectors and administrative levels 📎
  4. Adopt eco-friendly practices to reduce tourism’s environmental impact ♻️
  5. Ask the right questions to work with the right indicators of success 📈

We will see Croatia move forward 2024+, thanks to this amazing, engaged audience from all levels, colleagues and friends. Happy and honoured to be part of these days of #training #networking #accountability #sustainable #development #destination #management with Balkan Green Green Destinations Tourism Lab Croatia Hugo de Jong Katarina Miličević Rudi Grula