Everything counts in large amounts.

(Depeche Mode, 1983)

Everything counts in large amounts.

(Depeche Mode, 1983)

Sustainability Commitment

The purpose of HYVÄ Coaching & Consulting is to grow awareness, action and measurably good achievements in every area of sustainability of travel and tourism.

To complement social, economic and ecological dimensions, accountability is the fourth objective. Without this the first three will not succeed. To minimise any negative impact and maximise every positive outcome, each daily decision is crucial.

Even the smallest companies have influence. The micro, small and medium-sized enterprises represent 90% of the world’s businesses and are the backbone of the global economy. Therefore, everyone is central to the transition.

That is why HYVÄ is committed to…

  • Calculating, monitoring, reducing and reporting on our environmental footprint
  • Managing business and private travel with the most climate-friendly options available
  • Choosing ways to mitigate, reduce – or as the last option, to compensate CO2 with atmosfair – supporting use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and abstaining from low-cost airlines
  • Continuing to make responsible decisions in professional and personal consumption
  • Responsibly using water and renewable energy sources
  • Having this website hosted climate-positive by petricore.is – read more
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling – toward zero waste
  • Being an inspiration and supportive company for destinations, governments, businesses, civil society organisations and individuals in sustainability aspirations
  • Volunteering and engaging in environmental and social issues; see examples of care

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